About Hardwoods

Hardwoods represent the most diverse group of wood products offered by AIFP. Coveted for their unique appearance from species to species, Hardwoods are the wood of choice for flooring, cabinetry, furniture and millwork applications.

Domestic Hardwoods represent over 20 commercial species found in North America, along with hundreds of exotic species from around the world. US Hardwoods grow in three distinct regions; Northern, Appalachian, and Southern. Each region has subtle differences that our experienced traders can help you decipher.

AIFP Experience

AIFP has experienced Hardwood traders sourcing over a dozen species and a vast array of products within the Hardwood product mix.

We Are Green

US Hardwoods are selectively harvested and growth exceeds harvest. All Hardwoods are natural products - they require minimal processing and provide years of service. Like other wood products, Hardwoods have a low carbon footprint and help reduce carbon emissions. We offer Chain of Custody (COC) for SFI and FSC certified products.

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